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We provide a ..Think ONCE- Get Tasks Done.. Resource for Website Development, Email and Messenger Marketing 
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Quick Return
Working with me will be a very interactive and quick process for you. Here is the process we use:
1. On contact we share documents necessary for work to be done,
2. Follow up as necessary and share work progress
3.  End Results
Get Organized
With my guidance and systems we can easily organize your workflow so you can easily see how to run your business to get results. With a website we have a good start, With Email and Messenger Marketing using Chat bots we make your product or service known and get customers, We provide a think ONCE get tasks done resource,
Get Beautiful Websites
Websites are the essential in advertising your business. If you need help with back-end work, revamps of your websites, or a new site- check out our packages.
Chat Bot Set-Up
Here is a new and interesting way to chat with your leads and engagers. Chat bots can go on any posts you have in Facebook and prompts conversations with engagers, bringing them through to your deals.
Get chat bots on your posts, websites and landing pages. Check out our reasonable packages.
Get All Your Website, Email Marketing and Messenger Marketing Questions Answered
Pricing Options
There are many options to choose from! Choose what best fits your need and budget.
  • Website From Scratch/Revamp
  • 3 pages-Home, About,Contact
  • 1 Revision
  • Messenger Marketing and   Chatbot (1 FB page, Welcome Message, Menu Items, 1 Flow)
(Any one plus Messenger Marketing- $500)
  •  Website Management-(posting blogs, revamps,integrations,minor changes to images/text content/links)
  • Messenger Marketing using Chatbots 1 Facebook Page-(Adjusting Existing Flows, Creating Weekly Broadcasts)
  • Email Marketing Management-(Send out weekly Emails to list, Adjust/Create Automations, Create Forms/Landing pages)

Lackesha is a GEM!!! I honestly don't know what I would do without her. She helps me in so many facets of my business which allows me the space to create content and focus on my coaching.  My Pinterest page went from a few hundred monthly viewers to over 50k viewers in a few short months. She designed a beautiful site for me that was functional, stylish and exactly what I needed AND i have another website that she helps me maintain. With her programming background she is able to add things to the site and make it function in a way i would never be able to figure out on my own. She is AMAZING and on top of all of that she is a JOY to work with."

Renee Hughes

Lackesha has taken several tasks off of my plate. This gave me back my TIME!

She assisted with Wordpress, Transcribing and detailed Internet Research projects. 

I would recommend Lackesha for your virtual administrative needs. 


-Amelia Roberts

I have been working with LTG developments for almost a year now and I must say that it has been a wonderful journey thus far.  The customer service and speed is exceptional. My next project will also be with LTG developments. Creating my app has certainly been a less stressful journey because of this understanding and helpful developer.
Shanlee Gill @justscgapparels
About Me
 My Name Is Lackesha Gayle, an international, creative and intuitive Website Developer and Chatbot Strategist.

I love working with startup companies , New business owners struggle to get quality online support for an affordable price. That is my specialty. I have  a passion for providing a less expensive way to boost your online presence. 

I have a keen interest in my clients and work closely with them to get their ideal website up and running in quick time.

This business idea has been a work in progress from around 2016. I have been working with numerous persons here and there with their businesses not even considering setting up a stable platform where persons can get my stellar services at low rates. I had the amazing privilege of working with Renee Hughes ( CEO at Simplicity In Action, Personal development and business coach who helps individuals move businesses from full time to part-time) who guided me in this direction of transitioning out of full time to part-time work. I had no idea this could materialize in such a beautiful way. 

Messenger marketing and chat bots are becoming very popular and provides instant engagement with your audience where they prefer to have conversations. Over 1.3 billion people actively use messenger every month, making messenger marketing ideal for your business' rapid growth.
I thoroughly enjoy creating  in 'Wordpress' and 'Squarespace' website development platforms. What I find most satisfying is seeing clients flourishing and pleased with the results they receive.

 So here we are. Here you are :-), I am ready to assist you. Feel free to contact me with questions you may have.

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